Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Come Visit Maygreen Fairies

Come and visit the Maygreen Fairies stand at the Spring Kitsch & Stitch Fair, Cranbrook Town Hall, Cranbrook, Kent.  It is a super event packed with vintage and handmade items, an ideal place to pick up an unusual gift.  The Hospice in the Weald will be once again supplying delicious homemade refreshments, just what you need after a morning / afternoon of browsing.

It is an extremely popular Fair offering something different than just a normal Craft Fair, all the makers are extremely talented and offer high quality items and the vintage stall holders come from far and wide and are used to selling at high end events such as the Wealden Times Fairs and the London Country Living Fairs.  The event will not disappoint!!  So get it in your diary....      SATURDAY 31ST MARCH, 10AM to 3PM.  Visit the Kitsch & Stitch Blog for more details.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Vintage Style Frames

I upcyled this plain frame with images of vintage rulers, it really looks fab once it's done, and I often offer these for sale through my shop and Fayres.  This particular one has gone to a good home already but I have more to come that will be available for sale in the next week, to include vintage tape measure designs also.  If you are interested in purchasing one of my frames please get in touch.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

More Mid Summer Nights Dream Madness...

This evening I have finally finished all items for the Midsummer Nights Dream Production.  Above is the headress I made tonight for the character of Titania, and below a few samples of the fairy headresses, all slightly different, I made twenty-one in total......
There is a dress rehearsal tomorrow, which unfortunately I cannot attend but I'm hoping my friend can take some photos for me so I can post the outfits worn by the Actors.  There will be further dress rehearsals before the actual production begins so I will get another opportunity to see my finished outfits on stage... so exciting!

Monday, 20 February 2012

New CHEEKY Card Range for Men

Introducing my new "Undress Me" Card Range for the man in your life!!  I have often been asked if I could design a greetings card for a male, as most of my designs appeal to females.  So whilst laying in bed one morning this idea came to me and even though it was 6am I just had to get up and start playing around with my idea.  So here's how it works.... the recipient of the card will receive the little lady dressed (shown below), he is then invited to undress her, all he needs to do is pull the ribbon at her waist to reveal her cheeky outfit underneath with the Birthday Badge saying "Happy Birthday".
Of course, I can design the Badge to have any saying on it you would like, or no badge at all!!
So far I have created four different designs, but there will be more to follow.  If you want to check them out please visit my Shop and the Greetings Card section.
Please spread the word and share my new designs with your friends and family, I think these are really cute and different cards for men and hope to get the word out there, so if you can share this post that would be lovely... THANK YOU!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Creating for Papier Creatif......

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the super talented Juls of Papier Creatif, Juls asked if I would create some digital fairies as part of her February 20Twelve Clik*Board, and I was both excited and delighted to be involved.  Digital Art is something I dabble in and certainly do not profess to be an expert in by any means, but I sure had fun creating these little whimsical ladies, and learnt alot whilst doing so!! Thank you sweet Juls for your enduring patience whilst waiting for me to create the little ladies, especially the "Love Heart Gal".  Pop on over to Juls' wonderful site "Papier Creatif" to check out the amazing digital packages she has on offer.... her website and blog are a real feast for the eyes!  Thanks again Juls, I loved working with you and look forward to doing so again real soon.. Hugs x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My First Altered Book....

For a while now I have wanted to alter an old book and I have had plenty of ideas buzzing around in my head.  I finally sat down a few days ago with the book I wanted to attempt to alter and began by removing the front cover and then cutting away at the centre to produce the shrine centre piece.  It took a good while to cut through all the pages, I had to be very careful as it was quite an old book and the pages were very thin, but after an hour or so (with a few tea breaks in between), the desired effect was achieved.  Then all I had to do was add the decorative elements!
At various points inside the shrine I have added very fine lace to build up a lace background both inside the shrine centre and also little bits exposed around the edges of the book.  I then printed out some butterfly images and the girl image from a Paper Whimsy collage sheet.  The butterfly images have been secured in position with decoupage pads to enable them to stand out slightly from the background.
The little lady has been mounted onto thick cardstock to give her stability and then I have created her paper skirt using tiny crinkled pieces of vintage paper secured and painted with Diamond Glaze to add some depth and texture to her skirt.  The book has then been bound around the outside with some decorative cotton ribbon with words such as "imagine" "believe" and "create".  The top binding is some garden string that I have aged with coffee and then wrapped around the top of the book and tied.  I am extremely pleased with the finished result and can't wait to create another one... Would love to know what you, my lovely readers think!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What Happened on my "Snow Day"

Predictably, as with most Snowy Days here in the UK, we get a downfall of Snow for a few days each Winter and the whole of the UK seems to grind to a halt... trains don't run, roads aren't sufficiently gritted and Schools and Shops struggle to open!!!  Luckily on this "Snow Day" it was a Sunday so we didn't need to battle into school and work, we could just enjoy the day, walking, having fun in the snow with the kids and then returning to a roaring fire with a cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows in hand and for me, a little crafting....  The freezing weather enabled me to work inside on the last remaining corset I had to create for the upcoming Drama Performance of a Mid Summer Nights Dream, above is the finished piece.  Now all that's left for me to create are 27 headdresses, and working with my good friend Sarah to help her with the skirts, so more pictures will follow as these are completed.
It has also been a special time for our family as my two boys were Seven yesterday, and we celebrated with a family get together at the weekend and then the boys had some of their friends over after school yesterday afternoon for some "boy" fun and games.  So Happy Birthday my gorgeous boys.. love you both to bits!