Monday, 28 September 2009

Bookmarks & Tags with Texture

Adding different textures to my art is very important to me, the power of touch is a wonderful thing, and to feel your way around art, as well as see it adds a special element to a piece, I think! Of course fabric is an excellent way of bringing different textures into your work, but I also like to try other, less obvious ways. It doesn't have to be overpowering either, by just adding some feathery trim, like the tag above, it can transform a pretty piece into a sumptuous work of art! The tag below has a very different feel altogether, I mounted my fairy onto waxy, parchment paper, which felt wonderful, I then added some feathery trim to really make it a treat to touch. On occassion I print out my fairy wings onto velvet or silk paper as a change to my usual acetate wings. This type of paper works really well with the butterfly wings and adds some real depth to a piece.
Creating fabric bookmarks from left over material is always fun, on these two examples I have also included feathers and trim for a real for an over the top texture treat!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Halloween Is On The Horizon

Ohhhhhh it's nearly that time again! I adore the month of October and Halloween, particularly the hazy days, wonderful country smells of woodsmoke around my home, tasty foods; Pumpkin Soup, Butternut Squash and all things Autumnal.

Here are a few Halloween pieces from the past and present to get you ready for the Witching Hour!
My boys are already talking about making their Pumpkin Lanterns for Halloween and decorating the house in readiness. I am hoping for a clear but chilly evening so that we can go out and look at the stars after dark and then return to our living room to light our first fire of the season.
Although I am always sad to say goodbye to the Summer, I do look forward to Autumn, it is one of my favourite seasons.
The Autumn colours in my garden and surrounding countryside always make me smile and think warm cosy thoughts. And as the nights draw in I love nothing more than curling up in front of the fire with a warm drink and a copy of my favourite Magazine... Somerset Studio, of course!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Handmade for Haiti Update

Since posting about this Oxfam Charity Event back in August I have been astounded at the generosity of my readers and friends in donating your beautiful handy work for this very special cause. Over the last few weeks I have received a steady stream of handmade donations from pretty cards and bookmarks, to jewellery, bags, purses, stunning felted characters, halloween gifts, sculpted fairies and much more. The quality of workmanship in all of these items is amazing and your generosity is overwhelming. Items have come from all over the world, not just the UK!
I have just over two weeks to go before I host this event at my local Oxfam Shop (if anyone missed my post about it, please go back to my August postings and you will find all details on this event, and how to donate). I am still accepting donations and would be most grateful for any further handmade items that you may be able to send, I will be dressing the shop window and counter area on Sunday 4th October ready to open on the Monday, so there is still time to send your donations to me. If you wish to do so please leave a comment on this post along with your email address and I will forward mailing details to you.

As promised I will be blogging about this on the week commencing Monday 5th October, and the blog post will include photo's from the shop, close up pictures of some of the donated items, as well as a list and links to all who have so kindly participated.

I am still busy making my own donations to include Christmas Cards, Gift Tags, Bookmarks, Fabric Hearts and Magnets and I am also in the process of designing the Poster for the Oxfam Window as well as price tags for each item, so it's all go for the next two weeks!! But keep sending your donations if you can, for the more I receive the longer we can keep the "Handmade for Haiti" window stocked and also crank up the fund raising amount. Thank you so much, you are all wonderfully generous and talented followers!! Big Hugs. xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Countryside Capers

I have just returned from a wonderful family weekend away in the beautiful Gloucestershire Countryside. Once a year in September my extended family meet in Gloucester for a weekend of Golf, Shopping, Sightseeing and family dinners. It all started fifteen years ago, when, after my Grandpa passed away, my Father and his Brother and Sister (who both live in Gloucester), set about organising a Golf Event in memory of my Grandpa, who made golf bags for a living and always wanted all his children and their cousins to play golf together. It is therefore a very emotional and happy weekend that all my family; Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Second Cousins.... there are so many of us, look forward too each year.

Of course, not all of us play golf, so those that don't will either shop at the many wonderful villages in the Cotswolds, or like me, visit places to entertain families. This year we went to the Cotswold Wild Life Park, set in 160 acres of parkland and gardens around a listed Victorian Manor House that has been open to the public since 1970.

There are so many animals to see at the Park, which the children loved. But there are also wonderful gardens to wander through, with beautiful flowers and plant life to swoon over and not to mention the stunning main house.

This is the second year I have visited the Wildlife Park and I could return again and again, it is such a lovely place to visit, with something for everyone, check out their website if you get the chance you can find it here COTSWOLD WILDLIFE PARK

The favourite part of the park for me is the walled garden, with its stunning flowers and gorgeous ponds, it's like stepping into a secret garden, gloriously colourful, yet tranquil.

After a day at the Park we then got dressed up and made our way to the Golf Club for a family dinner, speeches and prizes for those who play golf. The main prize winner receiving the "Richard Whybra Trophy" in memory of my Grandpa. Below is a photo of my boys in their "Grown Up" clothes as they call them!!! My little Angels!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

More Boudoir Beauties

I have just added two more Boudoir Feather Dusters to my website Shop at Maygreen Fairies. These two beauties have been sitting in my studio waiting to be altered for about two months so I was really pleased to have had some "me" time to finally alter them. The yellow beauty above is wonderful, the colours are so vibrant and cheerful, and I adore her pretty bonnet!

This little lady above is more demure and has a gentler look about her, although she is the largest of the dolls that I have changed recently at 9.5" in length.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bits from my Archives

The Summer holidays have now come to a close so I can start to get some sort of order to my week and begin creating regularly again. In the meantime I have dug around and pulled out some Artsy bits from my archives to share with you.

All of these pieces were created over a year ago and have now all been sold and gone on to good homes!

Can't wait to get creating again on Monday, I've got so many new ideas buzzing around in my head, that's what happens when you get six weeks of no art, it's driving me crazy! LOL!!