Friday, 20 July 2012

Fabric, Paper, Scissors Workshops

I have some very exciting news!  I have collaborated with an Artist friend (Karen) to offer "arty"workshops in the Horam, East Sussex area.  So, this Autumn you can join us at The Little White Studio for a "Fabric, Paper, Scissors Taster Day" where you will unleash your creative side and make your own collage using vintage photos, old lace, buttons, found objects and ephemera.  During the four hour taster day we will help you create a basic collage using these materials in fun and imaginative ways.
After the taster workshop, if the collage bug has bitten, then Karen and I will be running a six week workshop to share more of our favourite collage techniques to include incorporating vintage findings into your collage such as jewellery pieces, old watch parts and keys, creating a paper skirt from old music sheets, hand stitching within your collage, working with your family memorabilia to create personal collage and adding drawing and water colour images to your piece.  All of this will take place at The Little White Studio in the grounds of Karen's home in the little village of Horam, East Sussex. The Taster Workshop is being held on Friday 14th September and more details on this and the weekly workshops can be found at The Little White Studio Blog

So if you fancy some relaxed, creative fun in the Sussex Countryside where we will guide you with friendly advice on how to develop your artistic voice and turn an ordinary collage into something special then why not join us, we'd love to see you.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

It is wonderful to be a part of another Where Bloggers Create Party... I am so sorry that my post is late, but I have had some technical difficulties with my email which has required all my attention, so the photographs I'm afraid are a little rushed and not to my normal standard... but at least I've got something posted.
My Studio operates out of my home in the UK Sussex Countryside.  The Studio room doubles as a family room for my husband and twin boys, we create, play, watch TV and the kids have movie nights in this room, we keep our main living room as more of a winter room with it's cosy fire and warm tones.
The Studio is a very bright and airy room with views over our front garden.  It is a work in progress as their are still some decor ideas that I have not yet put into practice in this room, but we'll get there.  My desk sits in the bay window overlooking the garden, I use upturned apple crates for storage either side of the desk with my favoured old typewriter on top of one of the carts.
This room was originally a kitchen when we first moved in, however we redesigned the downstairs and moved the kitchen to another room, but the old larder space still remains behind a small door so I use this as a storage room for my many art materials, books, magazines and props.  I love my Studio space it is a pretty space to work in and very inspiring.  Again, apologies for the short post but if you've now got the bug to look at studio spaces then please visit the organisors blog for links to more wonderful workrooms.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Aaarrghhh..... Email Down!!!!!

Update 16th June:  Email now seems to be working OK so please resume emailing to my main email address;.. thankyou for your patience during a frustrating few days.

Soooo frustrating!!  My email has been down since yesterday morning folks and at the moment the good ol' techies at my hosting company don't seem to have a solution to fix it anytime soon, so if you need to contact me please do so by Facebook Messaging.  Maygreen Fairies Facebook Page for those that don't know it is  Many thanks for your patience, I will repost details once it's back up an running.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Here Comes The Rain.... Again!!!!!

More rain today.... when is it going to end!! Aarrgghhh!!