Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bottle A Loved One!!

It's just over two years now since I started producing my Captured Fairy & Mermaid Folk and they are still proving as popular as ever.  In addition to the vintage Captured Fairies on my website I also produce Bespoke Jars, like the one's shown here, where you can bottle a loved one as a Fairy, Mermaid, Pixie or Wizard.  They make wonderful gifts for any occasion; Birthdays, Thank You's, Christenings & Bridesmaid Gifts, I even produced one of a grown man bottling him as a gift to his mother for Christmas!!
I love to hear feedback from clients who have given these as gifts, they always describe it as so funny when the recipient opens the package to see themself staring back at themself as a winged Fairy or mystical mermaid. If you are interested in purchasing a Bespoke Jar all you need to do is visit my website here, where you will see instructions, it's very simple, you just email me an image of the person you wanted "Bottled" and I'll do my magic.  Go on.... Let's get bottling loved one's it's so much fun!!