Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Little Christmas Fairy

A little Christmas Fairy
Who lived here at my house
was doing strange things while I slept,
I'd thought it was a mouse!
She seemed to be content up there,
So high up on the tree, and
maybe I'm a bit insane - I'm
SURE she winked at me!!!

So just the other night you know,
when she thought I was sleeping,
I semi closed my eyes you see - she
did not see me peeping!... but
Hey! - She took a mighty leap
And flew across the room,
her little wings a flapping' like
A butterfly in June!

I nearly gave the game away
and shrieked out in delight,
just witnessing this wondrous sprightly
vision in the night.

But I kept cool, cause I'm no fool
and saw enchanting things.
The Fairy landed on my nose,
Stardust fell off her wings!
She zoomed off fast and nearly hit the wall!
I didn't know that sneezes moved
as fast at that at all!...
I dived then out of my warm bed
to pick her up you see, and
put her back where she belonged,
Up the top of the tree!

So, seeming now that all was well
I got back into bed.
I heard a tiny voice say "night" or
was that in my head?
But after just the shortest time,
now would I lie to you?
My tree seemed to be moving and I
swear it said AAAAAAAA-CHOO!


Johanna Parker said...

Love the fairy poem....... :) I hope to see one someday, perhaps out in my garden! For now, they reside in my imagination...

Happy Holidays!
~ Johanna

Sandra Evertson said...

Sandra Evertson