Monday, 15 December 2008

Visiting Father Christmas at Lapland UK!

Oh my, my, my.... What a wonderful experience I had with my family at the Lapland UK Resort yesterday. I must admit, I was a little worried after all the bad press regarding the New Forest Resort, but I shouldn't have worried at all as this experience was so professional and magical. Held at Bewel Water in Kent this was truly the closest I thing you could get to experiencing Lapland without having to travel to the real place! We spent four wonderful hours in the company of Elves, Nordic Folk, Huskies, Reindeer and of course himself.... Father Christmas.

The experience started with trying to get into Lapland by waking a sleeping Elf who was guarding the huge wooden door into Lapland. Once we had achieved this we then walked through a twisty tunnel heavily line with foliage and twinkling lights to meet further elves and then be guided into Lapland itself. As the kids walked out into Lapland they were greeted with white fluffy snow, twinkling lights and beautiful Nordic style wooden houses. The first stop was the Rocking Horse Toy House were the children met the Elves who helped make some of Santa's Toys and they were encouraged to help put a Rocking Horse head together.

Next stop is the Gingerbread House where the kids are met by Mother Christmas and her Elf helpers. They decorate their own Gingerbread Man and then gather round Mother Christmas, who sits in a huge Rocking Chair and reads them the story of the Gingerbread Man.. it was so magical to see the kids all gathered around her listening intently, all the lights are dimmed with just a spotlight on Mother Christmas, it was a wonderful site.

After a hearty lunchtime meal with some mulled wine, we were then free to roam around for half an hour before meeting Father Christmas. Here my boys with their cousin had a quick sit in Santa's sleigh. We then went on to visit the Reindeer's and whisper where we lived in their ears to make sure they know for Christmas Eve (my boys loved this!). And then we made our snowy way along to see Father Christmas.

At this point I should mention that it was a very cold and as you are out for most of the four hours I would recommend wrapping up very warm, especially the kids. Our Cameron was getting a little upset by the cold so we had to do a quick pit stop in one of the warm log cabins before we could continue on.

The organisation that goes into this experience was top class, everything ran so smoothly and professionally. When we did finally make our way to the waiting area for Father Christmas I was concerned that we would have quite a wait due to the amount of families there but I was pleasantly surprised as we only waited for ten minutes before we were led down a remote, snowy path to his gorgeous log cabin.

Once we arrived we were asked by his Elf Helper to wait outside on his doorstep, there was a little bench for us to sit on and at this point the boys were beside themselves with excitement!

Finally the moment came and we entered his log cabin! We were greeted by a wonderfully warm and humble Father Christmas who Ethan ran straight up to (I don't think he could of gotten any closer to him) and he spent the entire time transfixed on him asking questions and answering any that were sent his way. Cameron on the other hand stayed fast by his Daddy's side but did nod and occasionally brave an answer when he was asked. Of course as soon as Father Christmas got out his present sack both boys were at his side like a shot and they were presented with a gorgeous fluffy Huskie Teddy each. We then had our photo taken with Father Christmas and said our goodbyes.

But our day didn't end there, we had one last thing to do before we left... Ice Skating! There was a beautiful ice rink in the centre of Lapland UK with a huge, twinkling white Christmas tree in the centre and everyone seemed to love skating, or slipping and sliding their way round the rink. And a great day was had by all! If you want to check out the experience go to their official website


Southern Fried Cupcakes~ said...

Sounds like y'all had alot of fun!!
I wonder...what did Mother Christmas look like?
I have a son named Cameron too~

Xo Kelly

Molly's Mellow Moments said...

Hi, do hope you don't mind me dropping by to say hello. Your photos of the lapland Uk were great! - I am sure you must have been worried especially when we heard such bad press last week!
I too, adore altered art, and have a go at creating odd (very odd..) items from time to time - but most of all I like to enjoy myself trying different things!
Please feel free to pop on over to a fellow East Sussex blogger!
Will return again.

Fairy Grandmother said...

Hi my gorgeous peachy bottoms, glad you had so much fun in Lapland the photos are lovely hope you gave Father Christmas a kiss from me, looking forward to seeing you on Friday sweeties, (peachy bottoms do not apply to Mummy and Daddy). Love you lots from Grandmaxx

The Blonde Duck said...

I think I finally found a blog more whimsical than mine!

Tip Top said...

Wow!! It looks fantastic!!!!