Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Weekly Showcase - A Few ATCs

When I first began getting into Altered Art I started out making ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), and I still really enjoy making them years later. Over the years I have produced hundreds of these little works of art and sold many on Ebay. Here are a few examples from my archives; Above "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" - this was actually one of the first ATCs I made. The lady is the wonderful actress Lillian Gish, I just adore her expression and pose, it lends itself so well to the title of this piece.

Le Frou Frou is a little cheeky I know, I have positioned the fairy slighty raised from the card for a 3d type effect, and as with most of my fairies, her wings are printed onto acetate to give them a nice gossamer "see through" effect.

On The Good Ship Lollipop..... I really enjoyed making this ATC, the background image of people waving others off on a ship about to set sail, this is taken from some vintage fabric that I was lucky enough to acquire, I then built the rest of the scene around that image. The fairy wings are again printed onto acetate and stick out complete from the card to give a lovely 3D effect.

What Not To Wear... I adore working with comical vintage photo's and altering them into something even more comical! I had great fun with this image, and it was so popular that I now sell a Greetings Card with this image upon it, it is one of my best selling cards.


睿-LKR said...

so beautiful!
I like it!!
We can pay a friend??

Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your aceo's. They are all so pretty. But, I especially like the what not to wear...heehee

Raspberry Cupcake said...

They are brilliant!

Printing the wings onto acetate is a really good idea, they look almost real!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

I love you creations!Hope you can teach me how to make some ATC.

tracy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do have to say I am overwhelmed with yours. This blog is so full of eye candy. I am so glad you stopped by because this is such a little gem of a blog.

whymsicalmusings said...

Mandy I LOVE YOUR CARDS! They are so much fun. Especially What not to wear. It made me laugh so hard we all know someone who does just that even though they shouldn't! Also thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. Know that my family and I truly feel peace, so many wonderful people have been praying for us and those prayers are felt. Have a magical evening.

SarahD said...

Hello Mandy
Thanks for stopping by my blog,love your work. Im off to check the rest of your blog.

HUgs Sarah xx

Her Art Nest said...

Hello from Michigan USA,
I love your ATC's. They are so awesome! I also wanted to tell you about a fabulous world-wide event that is going on right now called "One World-One Heart" until February 12th. It is an excellent way to share your blog with others, and there are hundreds of giveaways. Just go to my blog to check it out. It's really so much fun and addicting. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a few comments!

faerie enchantment said...

OMG, I love all these ATC's, Beautiful Miss Mandy! SO magical!

whymsicalmusings said...

Thanks so much Mandy! I will definetly post the finished cards. It really is going to be fun. Can't wait to see what Sue sends me. Today we both posted our mail so were ready to rock and roll:)


Angela Harris said...

This is hilarious! I finally! posted my award. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comment on my post! Vintage pinup girls and fairies are my favorites, and to combine the two, your ATCs scream AWESOME! I really hope to see you sculpt again!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love these!!! Your 3D wings are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talented hand and witty ideas for your ATCs. Blessings, Katie

nikki said...

very playful and whimsy! beautiful work! ;O)

Renee said...

I have never seen work that is quite like yours. It is wonderful.