Saturday, 3 January 2009

What a Lucky Girl I Am!!

I belong to a wonderful UK Craft Forum and through it have made some lovely contacts and a wealth of crafting knowledge. Thankfully through the forum I was introduced to Clare of Poisoned Apple Jewellery and she recently offered me some beautiful photo's from her family's albums, dating back to the 1920s. As I am a huge fan of vintage images it was like a second Christmas for me and I was in my element when Clare finally emailed them through to me. To top it all she was able to give me the history behind each photo, which is not something I am always able to find out with photo's that I find, so this was an added bonus.

Thank you so much Clare, they are gorgeous photo's and I'll be sure to publish any Art here that I produce from them, I can't wait to get altering them.


vintagepaletteart said...

What a wonderful gift! I love looking at vintage photos also!

Happy New Year Mandy!

windlewood said...

Hi Amanda!!
I LOVE your new photos! Aren't old photos fabulous! I'm going to include some in my witches journal project I'm doing for Somerset studio magazine. I have some perfect witchy looking characters :)
That most likely isn't a compliment to whoever they are right? haha
But they ARE perfect!
Happy New Year to you!

lorhen82 said...

How sweet of her! I share your love of vintage photos, which you know since you visited my blog! ~Lori