Sunday, 8 March 2009

Assemblage - Things I've Put Together

Creating little Assemblages is something I just lurrrve!! Over the past four years I have put together quite a few of these displays and I've got so many more ideas buzzing around my head that I'm yet to produce. Here are a few from the past that I wanted to share with you.
The Fairy Peep Show above was a cheeky bit of fun, I thought her provocative pose lent itself so well to this assemblage, the wings were printed onto acetate and stick out from her body to give a wonderful 3D type effect to her and as she is set inside the recess it adds real depth to this piece.
The Fruit Fairy above, is one of my favourite assemblages I've done so far, her upright position really shows of the transparancy of her wings and I adore the expression on her face.
I have many more that I have done over the years, these are just a few, but I will list more in future posts.


JanJ said...

These are so lovely, look forward to seeing more of them.

Jan x

windlewood said...

Good morning! have the most clever fairy arrangements! I'm thinking about making fairies along the same idea of the suffragettes...boy, that idea can just bloom! I love when that happens.

Renee said...

These are great and so are your fairy bottles, but I especially love the peep show.


Jenny Fowler said...

If those aren't creative then I don't know what is!

kecia said...

these are great! i'm so glad you stopped by my blog,

Geralyn Gray said...

Thanks for your good words. I would recommend Silver Bella in a heartbeat. I wanted to go so bad the first 2 years and was so envious of everyone. I was so glad to be able go last year. I love blogs, though. It is like entering into someone elses world and sharing info instantly----I'm loving it and hope you stop by again!!!!!

Ingrid Mida said...

Funny, I was just thinking about assemblage today and how I would love to try it. Your work is lovely.

whymsicalmusings said...

These are lovely I love the transparent wings:)

Artyfax said...

Another creative idea. I believe I can learn a lot from the techniques that you are using.