Saturday, 9 May 2009

Chanel Darling!!

My wonderful friend and artist Debbie Overton of MMCA and Debbie Overton Designs, kindly sent me a paper mache bust form as a gift a year ago and I've only just got round to altering it now. At the moment I love covering items in vintage papers and I am lucky enough to come across some wonderful vintage paper finds as a volunteer at Oxfam, so it was only right that I cover this beautiful form in the same. I have several old books, in particular, Good Housekeeping Guides, and I thought articles from these would be quite fitting to use as a covering ensuring that I placed certain titles in key places so they would be highlighted on the form, for example the "Dressmaking & Millinery Made Easy" Title at the bottom left of the form.

Once I'd covered the form I then sealed it using Diamond Glaze to protect and give it a matt sheen. Then for the real fun part.... What was I going to "Dress" it up with??? I remembered that my Sister had given me some Chanel Ribbon a while back (really handy having a Sister who works with Dior and Chanel!), I used this as the main accent for my form and then took a black rhinestone button and added some fine peacock and plain black feathers to the base to add as a sort of brooch to the piece... et voila!! the finished product my Chanel Darling Bust!! She is now available on my website shop .


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

This is so beautiful! And the Chanel ribbon just makes it perfect!
Thank you for visiting my blog and adding yourself as a favorite!
I see that your fairy name is Gossamer, so from one Gossamer to another, I'm wishing you a very happy day!


Geralyn Gray said...

I love it!!!!!! You may have inspired me to finally do something with my blank dress form I probably have owned for four years now. It is usually right there next to my inspiration board waiting patiently to get all dress up.

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Now that really is classy!! I have a sister who has NO idea about altered art but she sures knows a thing or two about Channel!! Maybe I should have made her one like this rather than my last disaster!!

I have just finished working on a flat bust!! I just need to sneak into my sons bedroom for a white feather!! I think it'll have to wait until morning!! Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely incredible. I love how it turned you!! Love the Chanel ribbon and the tiny feather. Elegant and not over embellished!