Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Sneek Peek at my Craft Morning....

Well I'm nearly two weeks into the kids Summer Holiday and I'm still surviving... not tearing my hair out, or resorting to the glass of wine at the end of the day... YET!!!! No, seriously, me and the kids have been having some great days out, but it's good to have a day in every so often, and today was one of those days.

The kids were angels today, they played and amused themselves pretty much all day so I could craft all morning and get on with chores in the afternoon. I spent this valuable craft time putting together my new greetings card designs..... here is a sneek peek for you, although I'm really not giving much away at all in these photos, sorry!

Most of my new designs will involve cheeky vintage ladies with humourous strap lines, as well as my fluttering acetate wings and a bit of fairy dust here and there. The new designs should be ready by the end of this week and will be on my website for sale thereafter. Once they are available I'll post details here.

In addition to working on my cards, I also spent some time staining luggage tags with coffee to give them that aged, vintage look. It's a job I don't particularly enjoy as after a while the strong smell of coffee makes my head a little dizzy, but the end result is so good it's worth it. I generally use two to three desert spoons of coffee with warm water, just enough to fill the bottom of a low dish. I then place each tag into the mixture and swish around gently for a few seconds. Next I remove the tags and place them onto an embossed patterned kitchen towel to dry them lightly, I find the embossed print adds to the pattern of the stain as the tags dry. I then dip the ties into the mixture to darken them also. (See examples below). I've got a design already mapped out for these tags, so as soon as they are finished I'll post the details here.


clairedulalune said...

Oh thanks for this! I have bought the same type of tags for my cooking jars and they were too brand new looking. This is exactly what I was thinking of! I think i will have a cup of coffee while I m doing it! Thanks again!

Bridgett said...

I love the coffee stained look. Anything vintage appeals to me.

It all looks lovely!

Amy said...

don't you just love how the tags come out when stained with coffee. I love using them in my altered art too!