Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ohhh Nooo More Snow!!

Well, the weather people have been talking about this for the last few days, warning us that it's coming and now at 9pm it's arrived!! In the last ten minutes this much has fallen and they are predicting that it will continue like this most of the night, so we're in for alot of snow come morning! So let the chaos commence.... for the UK cannot cope with any extremes of weather!! Schools will be closed (they only went back yesterday!!!!), buses and trains wont operate, businesses will close for a day or two and everything will grind to a halt.
Actually the disruption has already started as my sky box is not working due to no satellite signal being received, this always happens in extreme weather... crazy isn't it?

And then there's the aftermath once the snow has melted we have the dreaded pot holes in the road to deal with. After the last spell of snow we had before Christmas the roads were awful, with deep, nasty pot holes at every turn and they wont be filled in for a good few weeks!! Now my rants over lol!! I'll be sure to post snowy pictures tomorrow, whilst it's still pretty and before it gets all slushy and icy.

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