Saturday, 9 January 2010

Our Snowman's Slipping Away!!!!!

HELP!!!!! he cries, this constant snowfall is not good news for our poor snowman... he's drowning in snow!!!! He's just managing to hang on but don't expect he'll be around by morning... maybe just his hat if we're lucky, I'll keep you posted tomorrow on his fate.
The snow is continuing to fall here in the UK and isn't showing any signs of easing in the coming days, it's also bitterly cold, apparently it's the coldest winter the UK has experienced for 30 years! My little stone lady above is not liking this weather one bit, she's even got a frozen ice waterfall bearing down on her head!

As as for my poor garden fairies; this little one has a top hat of snow, not the best look for a demure garden fairy! More pics to follow tomorrow when we're off on another family walk, but this time in really deep snow.

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Micah Holden said...

all that snow makes some beautiful pictures! I'll be staying tuned in for the snowman saga...cute! stay warm!!