Thursday, 25 February 2010

Our New Arrival!

Yesterday my hubby collected the new addition to our family.... Oscar!! He's a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross), and is just like a little teddy bear!!
He and the kids have bonded beautifully, he has such a lovely nature and just wants attention all the time.... the kids love him.

As we expected, our first night was a challenge!!! lol!! We have a cage for him to sleep in at night and there was alot of whining when we first went off to bed, which kept hubby and I awake, but eventually he seemed to settle down and the next thing we knew it was 5am and he had obviously just woken up and wanted some attention!!

Today the fun starts...... the kids are at school and toilet training has begun, even though not very successfully!! So far the puppy training pads that are meant to encourage puppies to pee on have not had the same affect on Oscar, he seems to think it's a bed and has been happily enjoying carrying it around and placing it in spots he wants to sleep in, he then lays down the pad and falls asleep on top of it!!!

I know where toilet training is concerned perseverance and patience is the key, so off I go to try again with this space!


Debby said...

He is so cute! I bet the boys are loving him!

Lululiz said...

He is absolutely adorable. I hope we are going to see lots and lots of photos of him. What a little darling and he sounds like a right character already, lol, carrying his bed around with him.

Elaine A said...

Mandy -

Oscar is just beautiful. What a lovely face and those eyes! It truly looks as if "ALL" your boys are smitten with him - LOL!

Elaine Allen

SoCalWendie said...

Awww he is too cute!! Then again all animals are, but he does look like a little bear! Although I have to admit I always giggle (so Juvenile I know)when I see or hear the word "cockapoo" heehee

whymsicalmusings said...

OH my Mandy what a lovely new addition! I just love hugging a new puppy and smelling there puppy breath nothing but holding a newborn baby can compare:)

I have so missed chatting with you also. I have been so busy in our buisness and also attending grandchildren's ballgames, school functions and bday parties! Then there is the move we made of my daughter and her 2 children to the town closest to us so we can help her when she needs it as she is a divorced mother raising 2 children on her own. I do wish things would slow down a bit but I do not think that is going to happen any time soon:)

I love your ACEO's you do need to go back to creating them! You have such a beautiful knack of expression I love it and your cards are MARVELOUS!!!!

Sending you a hug!