Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Latest Vintage Finds.....

Over the last few weeks I seem to have been so lucky coming across vintage finds, some of which I have been hunting down for a while. This amazing old typewriter is one of them; A friend of mine knew I was after one and she saw this one in a local Charity Shop and told me about it, so as soon as I heard I was straight on the phone reserving it with the shop owner. It is in fantastic condition and comes complete with the original test and tutorial papers.
My next purchases were again found for me by my wonderful antiques specialist friend, Nigel, he obtained this beautiful original Daguerreotype photo for me along with the two vintage photo albums you can see underneath it in the above photo. The albums are in excellent condition and full of Victorian photos, a few of which I've listed below. This was a good week!!

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Lilius introduced me to her neighbour Mary.... Oh my goodness, Mary's home is amazing, she truly lives a vintage life, so much so that her stunning home has been featured in and on the cover of Period Living Magazine! Mary very kindly showed me around her home and it is full of vintage pieces, furnishings, crockery, clothes, fabric... it is a true treasure trove, and whilst I was there I pointed out several pieces that I loved and Mary just handed them over to me and said she would like me to have them, I was astounded, the crown above was one of the items and the pretty bag in the photo below. Mary's house is so amazing that I am hoping to return soon to photograph it for my blog and to share her home and garden with you, my lovely readers... that post will be a real treat I promise you!

And now onto my find for today.... A gorgeous vintage style Cath Kidston Dress below, this was found in my local high street, the owner of the Shop (Auntie Wainwrights) grabbed me as I passed by this morning and handed the dress to me (she knows I like this sort of thing) and it fitted like a dream. Apparently it was around £100 new and I paid just £12!!!! second hand, but in mint condition... what a bargain!! Thanks Jilly!!
Below are some photos from the two albums I acquired, they are packed with gorgeous images of men, women and children and I'm sure I'll find lots of art projects to use them in.

So all in all I've had a good few weeks, but I've still got my eyes peeled for more vintage finds and when I come across them I'll be sure to update you!


Lenae May said...

Hi Amanda!!
We live here on lake Huron in Port Huron and that is way too funny that you are so far away and have a link here! I LOVE your new old photos!!! They are an addiction for me. Great to hear from you :)

Ruth said...

Gosh you have been having a fun week and what lovely kind and generous friends you have. It also helps that you have a keen eye and great taste!!
Your friends house looks tempting can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!
Ruth xxx

Shauna said...

Love the photos! The typewriter, especially. I once found an amazing necklace at a craft fair- the pendant was made from an antique typewriter key. I chose not to purchase it, thinking I'd find something like it again: I haven't ever seen anything like it, again, of course!