Friday, 1 April 2011

Artful Cushions

All finished!!! My cushion templates from my previous post are now all complete, and I'm thrilled with the finished results. I've now lots more designs in the making, including a Vintage French Corset Image that looks amazing on the cushion front. There are lots of exciting new things to come from Maygreen Fairies in readiness for the up-coming events I'm exhibiting at as well as from talented International Artists; In the lead up to the larger fairs I attend I do source a few select items from contacts I have made overseas, this year at the Wealden Fair I will be offering the Suffragette Dolls once again by the super talented Lenae May as well as Flapper Brooches from Yalipaz and some wonderful new Cushion Covers created on Burlap and decorated with vintage images ie: music sheet papers, vintage birds and flowers, they are so gorgeous and I can't wait to showcase them in June. I have received messages from some of you asking if these new pieces will be available to purchase on my website shop, and the answer is yes... EVENTUALLY!!! But in the meantime if you see anything you like on my blog, just drop me an email and I can always get the item sent out to you. Time is of the essence at the moment and I'm snowed under with creating for the Fairs and unfortunately my website shop does get a little neglected at these times.
I'm in the throws of finishing off some new Lavender Sachets and also creating new Whimsical Magnets, which I will give you a sneek peek of soon. I'm so busy at the moment I really don't know where to turn next, I am also currently in the process of writing and producing a Maygreen Fairies Book, giving basic step by step instructions on how to make several whimsical products in the Maygreen Fairies Style, more on this exciting venture soon.
But back to the cushions!!! These particular cushions are for decorative purposes only and cannot be washed. Each cushion is labelled on the back with a vintage style postcard label (shown above) and all are stuffed with soft fibre filling. They look super in a vintage style setting, or shabby chic home, I'm so taken with them I'm going to be making some just for me! Back soon!!


whymsicalmusings said...

OH MANDY these are just GRAND!!!! I love each and every one of them:)

So glad to see your name in my inbox it always brings a smile with it. Spring has arrived here and I am feeling just gleeful over it! Can't wait to see you post beautiful pictures of your garden this year then I can live vicariously through your beautiful pictures.

Sending you and your beatiful family hugs and kisses:)

Ann said...

these are wonderfully beautiful!!!!