Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Baby Card

"New Baby" Card design; Tag around Baby's neck reads "New Baby, Fresh From the Oven!"
It's a different world when a baby arrives;
A wonderful change has come into your lives.
She's a sweet little Mother and you are a Dad;
A change which has altered the plans you have had.
For all the tomorrows that ever you'll know
Will swing round the crib with its pink ribbon bow,
All all that you'll dream of and all the you'll do
Will be for that baby, so red and so new.

It's a different world when the baby is born;
It's not the same place you knew yesterday morn.
That little white crib with its red little mite
That into your lives came on wings of the night
Now stands in the centre of all that you plan,
She's a different wife, you're a different man;
Your thoughts have been changed and your purposes too.
And that baby so helpless has made you anew.

You look at the world in a different way
The moment a baby comes with you to stay;
And life is more wonderful, too, for it seems
To throb with real purposes, visions and dreams.
Henceforth for another your work you will do,
For God has entrusted a baby to you.

You have something to do, and you see it right then,
Your souls have the purpose of women and men.
Your duty no longer is seeking of gold,
You've the life of another to fashion and mould,
And all of us silently alter our lives
For the better the moment a baby arrives.

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Marva said...

Oh I love this image! What a fabulous card!