Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blooming Marvellous!!

Despite the rainy weather I'm having a lovely Saturday so far.... this morning a parcel arrived that I had been waiting for and inside were the most gorgeous lacy vintage style bloomers/leggings (pictured above with my new boots). I spotted these leggings on a lovely lady visiting the Wealden Fair last week and she looked fantastic in them and I fell in love with them instantly and just had to have a pair. As luck would have it, the lady worked for a clothing company that sold them so I quickly took the company details and ordered them the next day. Check out the site it has tons of lovely items;
I also spent some of my morning wrapping my friends Birthday Gifts, I love having fun with wrapping and tagging Gifts and really enjoyed a quiet half hour whilst the boys were at football practice with Dad.
Now I'm settling down to some research with old books and vintage pictures for new inspiration for up coming pieces. Have a good day friends! x


Incipient Wings said...

sounds like such a great day! the bloomers are adorable!

Lowri Roberts said...

Those shoes are also lovely... bloomers! :D