Monday, 15 August 2011

The Wallace Shows - The Highest Class Circus in the World!

With Artwave only two weeks away, I've been very busy finishing off the last few pieces for this fabulous event (see previous post!). This particular piece.. an Altered Art Book, is packed with vintage circus images, most of which I've played around with.
Each page has a different theme that guides you through the book. The inside cover, first page, for example, is the entrance way, where the young lad wearing flat cap, will take your tickets to the show and pop them inside the top of his denim dungarees.You will then meet up with the "Dancing Girls", who are completely removable from the page, so you can "Dance" with them of course!
As you wander through the Circus you will start to come face to face with the main attractions.. strange beings that are not quite what they seem, like the wonderful "Mermaid Lady" below...
The Amazing "Twin Trapeze Artists" are a sight not to be missed, as they swing back and forth for your enjoyment!
Then it's a trip to see the Fortune Teller, who knows what she will see in you!! She can read your cards, just grab and take any from the bottom of the page... or perhaps you prefer the crystal ball?
The "Pit of Curiosities" is not to be missed, marvel at the strange, winged beauty and her Bottled Fairy Folk!
And once you have been amazed and astounded at the strange oddities before you, for the finale, a lighter note.... characters that make a good Circus... yes, you've guessed it!!! "Send in the Clowns!"......Well, I hope you've enjoyed your trip to the Highest Class Circus in the World! Be sure to come back soon.
This Altered Art Book will be available for Sale at "ARTWAVE", Little Talland Venue.
For more information on Artwave, please click the icon at the top left of my blog.
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whymsicalmusings said...

WOW this is sooo amazing! I love it! I hope you are well my sweet friend:)

ramsam said...

it is gorgeous! I love the circus theme!!!