Saturday, 5 November 2011

Santa... I've Been a Good Girl!

If you want to make sure Santa visits your home this Christmas then why not leave a little request at your door.  These pretty door hangers are made from wood and hand painted and then stamped with y vintage style flourishes.  Vintage images have then been mounted onto the door hanger with little slogans printed onto an old style postcard image.
 Slogans read "I've Been a Good Boy",  "I've Been a Good Girl" and "Santa, Please call here tonight"
 My door hanger creations are always popular at Christmas time, but I also do "Tooth Fairy" and "Dummy Fairy" styles for other times of the year.
So.. have you been a good girl/boy?  Only time will tell....., let's hope so!

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Karen Valentine said...

Those are adorable Mandy!!!! I'm sure this year they will be as popular as ever! Thank you so much for your visit and your very sweet comment. I always enjoy hearing from you.