Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fairy Folk up for Adoption

Can you give a good home to my Fairy Folk?  All of my little Fairies are looking for a new forever home, they promise to be good and not cause any mischief.... honestly!!  If you think you are up for the job then pop on over to the Fairy Adoption Shop at Maygreen Fairies where little folk will be popping up for adoption regularly, keep your eyes peeled for the right Fae for your home.  Below are the first few just waiting for you.....
Posie Danderfluff is a little shy, but if you shower her with lots of love and plenty of cupcakes she will come out of her shell and make the perfect Fairy companion.
Myrtle Digweed is a very helpful Fairy, she loves nothing more than to get involved with tasks around the home, particularly those that involve dusting, she loves to dart in and around the feather duster, just be careful not to swat her!!!!
Esmerelda Grubb needs a strict owner, someone who likes a challenge!!  She adores the garden but will often flit back into the house covered in mudd and moss dropping bits around the house as she flits from room to room, she certainly needs to be kept in check!
Rose Frumblefoot is great to have around the home, she is watchful over any children in the house and will keep them calm at bedtime and help them drift quietly off to sleep, a humble fairy with lots of love to give.
And finally, Prisca Took... Prica loves to dance, infact she dances all the time, if your home is full of music and laughter she will fit right in.

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Ann said...

My goodness..Rose Fumblefoot would love my house...Need some help for my 3 grandkids to fall asleep..esp. the 3 yo..he's quite the night owl..and goes full speed all the time!!
All your fairies are just darling!!!!