Saturday, 28 April 2012

"Down The Rabbit Hole" Altered Book Sculpture

What to do on a couple of Rainy Days stuck at home..... An Altered Book Project!!!  And here's the finished result "Down The Rabbit Hole".  I love anything Alice so it seemed only right that my subject matter on this dull and dreary day be something dreamy and other worldly like the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
As many of my readers will know, I volunteer at my local Oxfam once a week, and I hate to see lovely old books that are too damaged to re-sell go to waste, so quite often I bring them home and turn them into something else, upcycling them into something whimsical is so much fun and a lovely way to spend an otherwise dreary day.
I began this project by cutting out the "Rabbit Hole" a very satisfying job, I love the wonderful texture that the paper makes when you cut deep into the book.  Next came the trees, I wanted these to look feathery and very whimsical so I drew my tree shape and the re-used the template to create the other trees varying it a little from tree to tree.  I then secured the trees by cutting a small slice into the book and inserting the base of the tree into the hole and then securing with some scrunched up book pages to serve as the base of the tree stumps.
The book is quite heavy and I think I will purchase a nice shadow box to display it in and protect the finished piece. 
If anyone is attending the "Make It Yours Workshop" launch evening on 2nd May I will have this piece on display there.  For more info on this event please visit the Workshop Facebook Page.


Incipient Wings said...

oh my gosh!
youre awesome!!!!!!
this is incredible:)

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

This piece is absolutely AMAZING! You have such a fantastic imagination! Beautiful work! :)