Monday, 3 September 2012

Facebook Giveaway!!!!

Hop on over to Maygreen Fairies Facebook Page to enter my Fairy Folk Giveaway!!
To win one of my Fairy Folk all you need to do is post a comment on the Giveaway Post on Maygreen Fairies Facebook Page (link here) and then share the details either on your own Facebook Profile or Blog.  Two winners will then be drawn, and the Winner announced, on the same post this coming Sunday.  So if you'd like to win the chance to give one of my Little Fairy Folk a good home, hop on over to Facebook now... don't delay!!!!


Isobel said...

Done! Fingers crossed! :) Thank you for offering a great giveaway!

Westley Fench said...

My best friend caught a fairy and created a blog to ask advise what to do with it. People are telling him to let it go. We can't let this happen!! I'm searching the internet for people with an interest in fairies. Visit his blog and help me convince him to keep the fairy. Thanks.