Thursday, 4 October 2012

My House featured in "Your Home" Magazine

I was so excited today as the November issue of Your Home Magazine came out and my home was featured in it.  It was way back at the beginning of this year that the photographer and journalist came across Maygreen Fairies and through my blog and website they contacted me to ask if I would be interested in having my home photographed for an Interiors Magazine.  At first I felt very flattered to be asked, but then laughed to myself, because although I love my home I didn't know how much readers would be interested in it and also, as I said to the photographer at the time, the paintwork in my home around door frames and skirting boards really needed attention (due to my lovely, engergetic twin boys), and my home was well lived in and not pristine like many of the homes in these magazines.  But they assured me that my home would be of interest and not to worry about the odd imperfections, so I agreed to the shoot.
We had several dates set up for the shoot back in April this year, but to be able to photograph a home the weather needs to be good, a sunny day with lots of natural light is the best time to shoot, so initally dates were set and then had to be postponed due to weather.  Eventually though a sunny day came and the photo shoot was able to go ahead.  As you can well imagine I spent most of the previous day cleaning and tidying, as trying to keep a tidy home with two young boys is challenging at the best of times.
The day of the shoot was so much fun, I loved all the staging that went on, it was funny that it was a sunny warm day in April, yet I had to dress autumnal in warmer clothing and boots as the actual article was going to appear in the November issue so the decor and theme had to be wintery.
All in all I loved the experience and at the end of it I have a lovely photographic memory of our family home at a time when my boys were young and starting out in their lives.  If you are interested in purchasing the magazine it is in the shops now. 


Marina said...

Wow that's fantastic!! how amazing! I sometimes buy that magazine so will pop and get a copy on my way home from the school run and have a good read - looks like a great feature on your gorgeous home :) Marina x

Maria said...

Congrets with your published home in the magazine, your home looks so very cosy. I like your punchbag too.

Enie Dub said...

Congrats on your home being featured in the magazine!!

Our house was photographed yesterday for a UK magazine! I loved it. Such a great experience - particularly seeing how the stylist worked.

Our house wont' be published for 6 months - I can't wait!