Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Consequence of Continuous Creating

Over the past few weeks I have been creating like crazy for the up coming Christmas Fairs I have booked throughout November and December, as most of my work is small I am always working with small tools and tiny hand movements and due to this I have developed repetitive strain injury in my left hand which means I am now wearing a wrist support to help alleviate the pain whilst I work.
It's been very frustrating especially at this busy time, but I am hoping once this period is over I can really rest my hand and it will improve, although I have a horrible feeling it'll now always be something I suffer with... I guess it is a consequence of continuous creating.
Well, here are some of my efforts from todays workload... Little blank journals decorated with elements from my own collection of images as well as some from Hidden Vintage Studios.  All of these Journals will be available at forth coming Fairs.  For information on where Maygreen Fairies will be this November and December please see the side bar and follow the links.

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Adrine Liu said...

Love your art work. They are absolutely very interesting and lovely.