Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Little Needle Cases

Over the years I have collected many bits of ephemera, vintage envelopes are one of the things I love to collect but they are hard to come by as most people threw out such things, however when I do come across them and they are adorned with colourful postage stamps and postmarks and beautiful hand writing, it sends my heart all a flutter..... I know, I know you must think I'm crazy, but my mind goes awash with artful ideas to reinvent these beauties.  In some cases it has been months since I found a good envelope and on these occasions I go on the hunt via the Internet for scanned in paper copies of these goodies.
Over the past week I have got together a collection of gorgeous envelopes and postcard images, some from my own collection, others purchased via the Internet, I have then set about altering them onto canvas and adding other elements such as old photos, digital images and stitching to create these pretty little needle cases.
I am involved in several Spring Fairs this coming March and I wanted to offer pretty gifts for Mother's Day and I think these are perfect for such an occasion.  Actually, come to think of it they would also make lovely Easter Gifts if chocolate is off the menu for the ladies in your family!
Talking of Spring Fairs, details of the Fairs I will be attending will be listed on my blog in the next week, I will be at some of my usual Fairs but I am also attending a very exciting Fair this Spring that I can't wait to tell you all about, but that will be for my next post... got to keep you in suspense haven't I!!
I will also be bringing Maygreen Fairies to a new Town that I haven't exhibited in yet, and again, can't wait to tell you all about this, but wont overwhelm you at this stage with lots of info... mean I know, but I want to keep you coming back... hopefully!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed browsing through my latest Needle Case designs, please check back next week for announcements on up coming Fairs I'm attending this Spring... you won't want to miss them!

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