Sunday, 10 March 2013

Some Whimsy Designs...

I do enjoy occasionally taking a break from hands on, paper creating and turning to the delights of Digital Design, I apologise if some of my Facebook Followers are seeing these designs for a second time, but for the benefit of my Blog readers here are some of my latest creations using digital images.
To create these pieces I have used a mixture of digital images some from Deviant Scrap, in particular from the super talented Tracey of Hidden Vintage Studios... without you Tracey I couldn't have designed some of these whimsical images so thank you sweetie xx
Other imagery is sourced from my own collection of thousands of pictures and photos, below is one of my favourite recent designs... Florence and her captured Fairy no: 1106,  as many of my followers will know, captured fairies in bottles and jars are one of my staple pieces so this is of particular meaning to me...
Below is another piece and I thought in keeping with the latest Oz Film that is due out, I have created an Emerald City design, I adore the colours in this design, the auburn hair and green costuming is just perfect!
And finally, one of my most popular digital pieces to date, The Keeper of the Owls.  The little lady in this piece is from an old photograph, I have added some stripy legs to really set her off and stood her amongst her charge of owls.
Any of these designs you see above are available as prints, please email me if you are interested in anything you see.  Oh, and I hope all you Mum's out there are having a fabulous Mothers Day, my boys have spoilt me rotten today!!

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