Friday, 13 February 2009

Maygreen Fairies Shop Section Open

My shop at Maygreen Fairies is finally open, although not every section is uploaded with stock, most are and you can rummage through my handmade greetings cards, magnets, bookmarks, vintage prints, Boudoir Feather Dusters and much more. So if you get the chance, grab a cuppa and take a here to be taken to the Maygreen Fairies Site


whymsicalmusings said...

Mandy I am heading to your shop right now! Sending you a wish for a Valentines day filled with Hugs and lots and lots of Kisses and a soul filled with a smile.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there ,
thanks for stopping by. i just bookmarked you!!!
have a fab weekend.

whymsicalmusings said...

Mandy you always make me smile:) I am so glad you are my friend.

Diane said...

Mandy, thanks for stopping by my Blog, I always love visitors, I am going to go and take a peek at your"New" shop. Congratulations!
Hugs, Diane

Paula said...

Hi, Mandy! THANKS so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet message! I've visited your blog AND your shop, and I love them! What ADORABLE stuff you do! I love the piece...well, I'd call it "Two Fannies"...CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I've had the best time wandering around your blog and your shop. As soon as I leave you this message, I'm going back to have a look again!

So glad you found me! I'd love to hear more about YOUR old house! I adore them and could never go back to living in a new house after having an older one. The character just isn't in the newer builds! Tell me about yours...

Looking forward to hearing from you again, Mandy! So nice to "meet" you!


Healing Expressions said...

HI Mandy..Just peeking in to say your website and shop are all looking so beautiful! Wishing you blessing on all your creative endeavors!
Take Care!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

blessings mandy
just wanted to say I adore your fae x beautiful....
trace x