Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bottled Fairies & Mermaids

Several years ago now I way lying in bed one morning with my head buzzing with creative ideas, as it often is first thing, and I wanted to come up with a unique way of "Bottling" my whimsical creatures so that they could be mounted onto a card or cardstock rather than bottling them in actual glass bottles, which I had been doing anyway. And this is how my Acetate Bottles became!

I first started selling them on Ebay and they were a huge success and I have not looked back since. I create both Fairies and Mermaids in these bottles using my vintage images which I then alter to either add acetate wings or a mermaid fin.

The little tags attached to the bottles read several things; For example; Bottled Mermaid, Dont' Tap on the Glass!; Bottled Fairy, Handle With Care!; Bottled Mermaid, Do Not Shake The Bottle!, to name but a few.

The embellishments on the bottles vary, from stick on flourishes to actual brass effect findings, the bottles are also filled with a scattering of fairy dust for good luck!

Back in 2007 I produced my first Bespoke Bottled Mermaid for a friend. I took a photograph of her daughter and altered her into a Mermaid (see the first photo below)! Since then I have received many orders for Bespoke Bottles, I have bottled children and adults as fairies, witches, wizards, sprites and mermaids. I produce them as mounted pieces of art on card for framing and also as Greetings Cards to give as gifts, see some examples below:

Bespoke orders are available through my website, drop me an email to discuss your requirements. As well as bespoke bottled folk I also can create bespoke cards, gift tags and digital art using your loved ones photos! Check out the bespoke section of my website!


SarahD said...

Amanda oh I just love these bottles wow such amazing art.

JanJ said...

These are so lovely Mandy, no wonder they sell so well

Jan x

Timothy said...

EEEK! I love your captured fairies!
I think I have a dark side that this little idea appeals to.haha. Great bottle idea!
Think spring, Amanda! I have to keep sharing that because it's a whopping 9 burns us!

Timothy said...

I just realized my post said Timothy...hum...I don't know what path I took to get to you. I must be on my hubby's sign in...weird.

SoCalWendie said...

I love your bottles fairies! Altough my fairy art tends to have a darker side, I truely enjoy your bottles! The lables are perfect on them too and so sweet. I think I need a lable for me that says "Do not tap on glass" heehee

whymsicalmusings said...

Once again I am taken by your beautiful artwork! These are just soooo fabulous!
I bet Amy can't wait until her twins are a little bit older. No sleep makes most of us not very happy:)


Jenny Fowler said...

Those are so sweet! I love them! Thanks for the well wishes! I am doing better.

faerie enchantment said...

OMG, you are amazing, once again I have wandered into my favorite Fairyland, these are brilliant Miss Mandy!


Heather Robinson said...

Oh Amanda, your bottle fairies are so creative. Each is unique and magical. So glad you shared how these lovelies came to be....ah, those early morning brainstorms!

tammy smith said...

hi Amanda-I'm loving these bottles also-you've really hit on something here-I love the term "captured fairies"-keep creating and exploring this idea...i think it's really cool.
Thanks for your comment also-it makes my day.