Friday, 5 June 2009

Traveling Paper Art Doll Symposium

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted details on a Paper Doll Project I was taking part in. To briefly recap, it was set up by the very talented Kitty Kellie; Paper Doll Artist, Kitty put together several paper dolls and blank journals that she was to send around the world to artists who are participating in this project for them to design an outfit and journal entry for the doll.
The doll that I received has already been to one location in the USA for a makeover and then it made it's way to me here in the UK. Kitty has decided to set a theme for this particular Doll and Journal and the theme was PARIS!

As I am a huge fan of the Follies, Bluebell Girls, Burlesque etc... I really wanted to design my page around the Moulin Rouge. So when Kitty the Doll arrived with me I set about designing her dress first. It had to be something sexy, but also elegant so I came up with a corset bodice adorned with black lace and a centre piece jewel. The skirt was then made from real peacock feathers..... and to Kitty's delight she squealed "Who says feathers are just for birds!" The look was then topped off with a feather fan to dance with.

The Moulin Rouge Stage background was created using a pretty pale cardstock backing paper upon which was dressed with a vintage music score scrap and a Moulin Rouge Sign altered to spell out the words "Presenting Kitty" and hung from the sign was a shadow cut-out of a naked lady on a swing. The curtain was raised away from the back of the card to add depth to the piece and was also edged in green frill trim. The Art Nouveau front stage lighting bulbs were also raised from the background to allow the Kitty Doll to be placed behind them when dressed in her Follies outfit, this would also add depth to the piece.

The page above is the journal page and as I had so many lovely bits and pieces to display I didn't write as much as I had hoped but I think I wrote enough to give a flavour of what Kitty the Doll experienced with this Moulin Rouge visit. Again, a vintage style cardstock was used as the backing paper for this page with various elements then added on top such as the Art Nouveau "La Corsetiere" scrap which holds the fan when not in use; Mademoiselle and Eiffel Tower stamps; the beautiful brass effect swallow that holds the dress into place when not being worn; the handwritten journal entry and the chorus line of Bluebell girls.

This is such a fun project to be a part of, I can't wait to see what the other participants come up with as the Dolls make their journeys to each destination. If you want to follow the Dolls or just find out more about the Traveling Paper Doll Symposium please visit Kitty's Blog The Artful Paper Doll


KeKe said...

She turned out great!! I can't wait til my doll arrives in the mail. I can't wait to see what it'll look like when she finally arrives!! :)
This is so exciting~

Elaine A said...

Mandy -

Outstanding!! You have done a simply amazing journal entry. I believe this is an experience that Kitty will always remember.

Elaine Allen

Ann said...

fabulous journal entry and outfit!!! LOVE THE FAN !!!!
The bar has been set so very high...hope I can reach it when my paperdoll/journal gets to me.

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh Ladies thank you so much, I was so very worried when I saw the entry before mine, but your comments have boosted my confidence, hugs to you. Mandy xx

Paper Cat Designs said...


She is just beautiful! I love everything about this page. I really enjoyed reading about all of the details that went into putting it together.

I had actually thought about doing something like this on the doll journal I plan to start for myself and what a pleasure to see it here!

Thank you so much for being part of this magical experience! :)

~Kitty Kellie

Bill C. said...

The Moulin Rouge is an outstanding place for a paper doll to find her clothing at. Beautiful work.

Beadyjan said...

How beautiful and what a lovely blog