Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Comes to Maygreen House

Well last weekend we decided to put the Christmas Decs up as the kids were driving us crazy wanting Christmas to start!! LOL!! So we trekked up to the attic and brought down the Christmas Boxes that come down but once a year.

I always really enjoy opening each box and carefully unwrapping the decorations, as if they were brand new all over again. I even get the odd surprise each year when I forget a particular decoration only to be reminded of it again as it comes before my eyes.

This year I treated myself to a new decoration in the form of this gorgeous Primitive Skating Mouse above. I purchased her from Black Cat Primitives in the US and when she finally arrived in the post last week she didn't disappoint; She is made from Muslin that has been painted and lightly sanded, coffee stained and rubbed with Cinnamon (she smells gorgeous, so festive). She has a french knot eye and embroidery floss whiskers. She is wearing a pretty waistcoat that is decorated with rusty jingle bells. She is also wearing a snowcap made from knit fabric and cute little mittens. Her ice skates are made from twigs and there is a grubby hang tag stamped with "Let It Snow" that is attached to her with a rusty safety pin. She has pride of place hanging on the entrance door to my lounge.

I adore my little tree decorations I have so many different ones that I have collected over the years.
This year the smell from our Christmas Tree is so strong and along with the coffee and Cinnamon scent from my new "Grubby Little Skating Mouse" the lounge smells so festive.

Below is my Christmas Welcome Sign which sits in the window right next to the front door, I have moved it to take the photo below. The little fabric Angel sitting above the sign was a handmade gift given to me last year by my good friend Sarah.

Both of my Bay Windows in the Play Room and Kitchen, are decorated with little tin and fabric ornaments like the one below.

And the Conservatory (or Garden Room) as my boys call it, has little twinkling white lights that come on in the evening and this huge Reindeer Head which the boys have named Rudolph. It was a gift to them from their Grandma and Grandpa.

Hope your houses are looking super festive this Christmas!


Elaine A said...

Oh Mandy -

The house looks so spectacular! You've done a lovely job with all the decorations. Thank you for sharing. I've yet to start, awfully behind - LOL!

Elaine Allen

whymsicalmusings said...

AHHH your house so puts me in the Christmas Mood!!!! So many treasures I am so glad you shared. I can smell your tree and the Cinnamon from here:)

Have a magical week.