Tuesday, 15 December 2009

"Oops a daisy Angel" The Boys School Nativity

Ohhhhhh what a wonderful performance my boys School put on this morning for their Nativity Play! Armed with my camera and a handful of tissues I attended their production of "Ooops a Daisy Angel", which was filled with song, smiles and laughter... it was wonderful. My beautiful boys were a sheep (Ethan, above) and a Shepherd (Cameron below), and they looked fantastic in their costumes.
Nativity plays have certainly changed alot since I was little, it was a wonderful production with really lovely costumes that were all supplied by the school, no old bed sheets for shepherds outfits here today! lol!

I'm really in the Christmas spirit now..... not only has it been a very festive morning, but the weather is beautifully sunny and crisp and there are rumblings of snow for Friday.

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Sarah W said...

They look so gorgeous. I love it when the little ones do a christmas play when they are still at Kindy.