Friday, 18 December 2009

Wrong Day for an Open House Sale!!

In typical British fashion, we have a downfall of snow and everything grinds to a halt; trains don't run, post isn't delivered and schools are closed!! LOL!! And unfortunately I had an Open House Sale scheduled for this morning which turned out to be a waste of time with only two sales, as no-one was venturing out of their homes into the snow. I had been organising it for a few weeks and had lots of people wanting to come but the closure of the school was the first bad thing for me, as alot of my customers were Mums who were popping by after they dropped their kids off to school, and as my home is right opposite the school I was hoping for a rush of Mums through the door at 9am, which of course didn't happen.
I had quite a few new items on offer including my new line of festive name place settings above, guess I'll be using these now for my own Christmas table.

I also had a Guest Artist selling her line of fabric jewellery, Carol makes gorgeous pieces of jewellery from recycled fabric, as well as bags, hats and a bespoke clothing range. She had brought alot of her items over the previous day to set up in my Conservatory where my sale was taking place, at this point we were aware that there may be snow but were hoping it wouldn't be enough to cause the closure of the School, so we decided to take a chance and continue with the sale.
It was lovely converting my Conservatory into a little shop for the day, it looked so pretty with all the Christmas lights up around the room and with the snowy garden as a backdrop it felt very festive and Christmassy.

One of my fabric Angels is displayed amongst Carol's jewellery. And take a look at the gorgeous handmade evening bag made by Carol below....

Carol is so very talented and I'm looking forward to working with her regularly throughout 2010. Below are shots of my tags, bookmarks, cushions and Boudoir Feather Dusters.

As the morning passed by we realised that we weren't going to get the steady stream of customers that we were anticipating so we just enjoyed a good old girly chat, steaming hot tea and some mince pies and planned out our ideas for the Spring Open Day.

All of my jewellery was on display, including my new line of Vintage Dreams necklaces and rings.

I was pleased to sell one of my Fabric Victoriana Brooches below, they are a particular favourite of mine and I'll definitely be producing lots more styles of these in 2010.

You can see the backdrop of snow from my conservatory windows below... can you believe that this really caused all the chaos we experienced this morning? Well if you're a Brit I guess you can!!
We'd got lots of mince pies for customers to munch on, so of course we couldn't let them go to waste!!!
All in all it was very frustrating and disappointing to have gone to all this trouble of setting up the sale and then it being snowed off, but that's life, so onwards and upwards.... Spring Sale here we come!!

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SoCalWendie said...

Ohh thats too bad, but looking at all your art made me want to jump into the pictures you took :) I must purchase some of your jewlary (once the gift giving season is over and I can shop for myself again hehee) Much love from across the pond ;)