Friday, 22 January 2010

Vintage Fancy Dress Supper Menu's

On Tuesday morning I volunteered at Oxfam as usual and around 10am we have our usual visit from a local Antiques Dealer. He has become a good friend of mine and is always on the lookout for vintage finds for me. This time he came up trumps with these wonderful 1939 Menus from a Fancy Dress Supper at Carnarvon Castle.
The Menus are in wonderful condition, each has the most stunning bird illustrations on the front cover, along with the title UNION - CASTLE LINE. Inside the front cover is the description and date of the event; (Top Photo).

The dishes available on the Menu are wonderful, they include such vintage delights as; Sardines on Toast, Cheese Straws and Croute a la Suisse, then moving on to Sucking Pig a l'Anglaise, Terrine of Duckling and Pheasant Pie Voliere. Amusingly the Menu also offers Sandwiches, one of which is Marmite!
The deserts sound lovely with Iced Cake, Castle Baskets, Panier au Marzipan and Coconut Meringues on offer. Hot and Iced Coffee is also offered after desert.

The Menu even outlines the decoration on offer; Balloons, Serpentines and Crackers! What a perfectly grand affair it must have been!!

So now these wonderful delights are in my possession I need to get my thinking cap on and come up with how to use them in my art, of course I will not disturb the originals themselves, but simply scan the images in to use at a future date. I'll keep you posted with what I come up with.


Minky Magic said...

These are amazing, you lucky girl! Love to see what you make with them.

Juls~ said...

These are incredibly gorgeous!