Sunday, 27 June 2010

My Garden.. Fueling my Creativity...

The sun is shining finally in the UK and my garden is in full bloom, we have planted a new vegetable patch and are enjoying watching the seeds grow before our very eyes. With each passing day this summer my garden is constantly changing with new blooms bursting out to reach the sun's rays casting wonderful colours and fragrances around the borders.
Everything in my day to day life is a constant source of inspiration for my creativity, but at this time of year my garden is a huge influence on my thought process and direction for my art.

I love nothing more than strolling around the garden at the end of a sunny day reflecting on the days events and running creative ideas through my head. My hubby and I have tried to create a fun, whimsical garden with hidden surprises along the way and these help to fuel my creativity as I stroll amongst the fairies!
Time stands still for a while in my garden as I indulge myself in the fantasies of my mind, thinking up new and unusual ways to work with the many vintage images and finds I have collected over the years.
I like to treat my garden as a blank canvas to create upon, having my creative personality shine through in the garden is a wonderful reminder of my Artful Life.

In the words of a fellow artist and blog writer, Rebecca Ersfeld, "Life is a process of continual discovery and growth, and our surroundings should bear witness to the search".

Whenever I feel at a loss for inspiration I spend time in my garden amongst the fairies, it always kick starts my creative thought process.


AngelEden said...

A lovely post. I did one a couple of days ago about using nature as a source of stress relief. We've been so lucky recently in the UK with the weather, we might as well take advantage.


BLISS angels said...

I really miss my english garden, and your post was a beautiful reminder. the waether over here is so hot that my roses are having trouble keeping up. Thank you for sharing your haven and letting me for a brief second imagine I was back in my old garden.~ Wendy @ blissangels

paperbird said...

all so very pretty- I love the foxglove, it is a favorite of mine and it seems so much like a fairy flower.

Worker Bee said...

Where oh where did you get the wonderful statues? You have a great collection!

MaygreenFairies said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Worker Bee... most of my statues/garden ornaments are sourced through the internet ie: Ebay, via local home decor fairs or have been brought for me as gifts, the three stone mushrooms were a 40th Birthday gift from my parents!

Vintage cottage said...

Hello Mandy, What a lovely blog you have, and such a wonderful garden! I look forward to seeing it in the flesh!

Best wishes, Mary

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh Mandy your garden is truly inspiring. Maybe one day I will have a chance to come visit your lovely estate:)

I love the faeries down below they are just amazing I do believe they are some of your best work! Stunning!

How are your beautiful boys? I miss chatting. I happened to be in my email when your name popped in with a Huge Smile attached to it.

Take care my sweet friend