Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Attic Studio

When creating I like to work in my conservatory as the light is really good and I have a lovely view of my garden, which is great for inspiration. Unfortunately I don't have the space to display my work and that of my arty friends in the downstairs of my home so I have a lovely little attic space in the upstairs office (it's a kind of mezzanine floor level that looks over the upstairs office) and it is here that I can indulge my arty side.
I'm always reworking the layout on the desk area to accommodate new pieces of work or friends pieces I've acquired. I also have a growing pile of Stampington Publications, which I love; Somerset Studio, Where Women Create, Artful Blogging and Digital Studio, I'm always adding to this collection so I don't know what I'm going to do when the pile gets too big lol!. This space is also where I keep my "arty" book collection including books and magazines my work has been published in.
Of course since purchasing the gorgeous old typewriter I showed you in an earlier post, I had to re-jig the whole space to accommodate it and that took some doing, not to mention lots of dusting!!! But I finally found an area for it right next to my old vintage telephone.

The gold "ART" sign was a charity shop find and I am planning to cover it in vintage papers... another of the many jobs I keep meaning to get round to!

So I am satisfied now that my "Arty Attic" is re-jigged sufficiently till the next purchase... then I might need to move home :-) .... a girl should always have space for her creative side!


Mandihy said...

Wonderful space, love it

Michelle said...

Stunning! You lucky girl!

pippinsnest said...

you have so many beautiful items! It must be hard not to be Inspired!! x

Lenae May said...

Great artsy atticccc!! Love it. Hope your living the inspired life and catching new fairies! :)