Saturday, 4 September 2010

Teacup Pin Cushions... Sew Shabby Chic!

I had so much enjoyment making these pretty Teacup Pin Cushions, they are forming part of my new stock for the up coming Christmas Fairs I'll be attending. I'm always trying to add new interesting items to my shop and these will make great Christmas Gifts for creative friends and family in your life!
I'm always on the look out for pretty vintage teacups in local charity shops as they are interesting on their own as display items in the home, especially if you like to live a Vintage Decorative Life as I do!!

Being able to turn the teacups into something functional is great, I've seen them filled with wax for candles and also more recently cups and saucers piled on top of one another to create unusual cake stands.
At this moment in time I will not be listing these in my Shop until I have more stock, however, if you are interested in purchasing one please drop me an email.


Lenae May said...

Hi Mandy!

I love tea cups too. Nippon anything is my thought on it.
Your mix with vintage spools looks nice together. I've been picking up wooden spools and find I'm really inspired by the old color threads left on them...kinda weird. Now I wish I had picked up more here at tag sales. Next year I guess.

The Nonsense Fairy said...

Your Teacup pin cushions are charming! :)
Im also a lover of Tea Cups, and Tea!! I keep lots of my bits and bobs in Tea jars, but have never thought of making a Tea cup into a pin cushion, wonderful idea lady! :)

Denise said...

These are so cute. They will sell well, I'm sure.