Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fairies, Fairies, Everywhere!!

And here they are... all over the bird cages in my Garden Room!!! Gorgeous aren't they? Mischievous too!! You need to keep an eye on them. And if you'd like to give any of them a good home you can purchase them from me at this years Mid Winter Fair!

These pretty little Fae come in the form of magnets and they look great on a white background as it really shows off their transparent wings. So if you're a magnet collector and love displaying on your white fridge, then PERFECT! But if you're like me and just love pretty things, then dot them around the house, they make great conversation pieces with visitors to your home.

I do have a few for sale on my website, but I am saving most of them for the up coming Christmas Fair, but please do check back in December as any that don't sell will be up for re-homing on my website!

1 comment:

SoCalWendie said...

I love the one you did with the bunny costume, her expression! :)