Saturday, 23 October 2010

French Fashion Tags "Oh La La"

I have been stuck indoors for the past three days looking after my boys who are sick with a nasty virus, so whilst they have been huddled up under their duvets watching TV and sleeping, I have had the opportunity to get busy creating these little gems, in between giving the twins lots of cuddles of course.....

The vintage images used in these tags are from original illustrations that I have collected over the years in old magazines. The whole collection of fashion images can be purchased on a CD of images in my website store.
The tags look fantastic dressing up a wrapped parcel, or you could give the tags as a gift in themselves. I just like to hang them around the house, for that vintage feel!

The tag below is a personal favourite of mine, it's a great tag for a Baby Shower Gift, I do have a card that uses the same image for pregnancy congrats!

The little corset tags are really cute with stamped french wording added to them, such as Merci and Mme.

All tags are available to purchase at the upcoming Wealden Mid-Winter Fair, a select few will also be available in my online store.


Lenae May said...

Wonderful idea with the vintage images! I love the pregnant corseted one!! I have images like that I've been pondering a plan for. They're from an antique catalog. are like the real deal fairie lover being seated over there where the first fairie stories began!! I'm envious! History and there anything better!!!!! haha
Have a great new week!

Carole said...

That pregnant tag is wonderful and unique. Perfect for a baby shower. Someone told me that in the UK there are no Bridal Showers but maybe baby showers?
Love your work!
ps..thanks for stopping by and your kind words.