Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sweet Shoppe ATC Swap

I belong to a wonderful Flickr group; The Faerie Zine, hosted by the amazing artist Lisa Kettell of Faerie Enchantment. Lisa has recently set an ATC Swap Challenge for the group, entitled "Sweet Shoppe". The remit for this challenge was to create two ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) with a candy / cake theme ie: think: Cupcakes, Tarts, Cookies, Sugar Candies, Confectionery Shops, Cake Cafes etc..., you get the picture!!
Each participant is partnered and it is then up to you to create your ATCs and swap with your partner. I was put with the lovely Mary Ann of Follow Your Bliss Designs. Mary is based in the US so I was really looking forward to a swap with a US based Artist.

My ATCs took on a cupcake theme, see above two images, I used vintage photos, cupcake images sprinkled with sparkles, vintage lace and patterned papers to create my two cards and then I put together a little extra gift for Mary Ann in the form of a collage card (shown in the top photo). This swap has been great fun to create, it was a welcome break from the client orders that I am currently working on. I'm now getting the cards packaged up and ready to post Airmail to Mary Ann tomorrow. I have seen photos of what Mary Ann has created for me, and they are truly scrumptious!!!! I can't wait to receive them.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Check This Out!! .... Cake Pin Cushions!!

Ohhh my... you must check out this new show "The DIY Dish", you can watch it online and learn how to make these wonderful Cake Pin Cushions, they are truly scrumptious and so easy to make! Each show will demonstrate quick and easy projects for you to create, you just have to drop on by and visit their blog, it's fantastic.

In addition you can sign up to win one of these super Janome Sewing and Embroidery Machines, visit the DIY Dish website to find out how.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Calling Card.....

Although my business cards are quite time consuming to create, I think they are worth it. They give a good example of my style with the whimsical theme and transparant wings; which is a bit of a trademark of mine, and of course they show off my vintage style. I also didn't want to over crowd the card with too much information, I think the title explains briefly what I do, whilst the website address is all someone would need as a starting point to find out more about me, such as my blog, email address, home address and phone number, so less is more I guess! And if someone wanted any specific info from me it can always be written on the reverse of the card... et voila!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Cards 4 Cancer

In the past I have blogged about a wonderful charity that I support "Spirit Jump", this charity was set up by Meaghan Edelstein, herself a recovering cancer sufferer. Meaghan remembered how much her spirit was lifted when she used to receive little cards and gifts from friends and family during her treatment, she therefore wanted to help other sufferers and lift their spirits in some way, hence "Spirit Jump" was born.... Spirit Jump is a grassroots, non-profit organisation with a mission to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer. Spirit Jump accomplishes this by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts during this most difficult time. If you want to learn more or become a Spirit Jumper yourself, please follow the Spirit Jump link at the end of this post. Now, on to Cards 4 Cancer.......

Cards 4 Cancer is an appeal that Meaghan is making on behalf of Spirit Jump; On Saturday 10th April 2010, Spirit Jump and team leaders around the world will deliver bags of uplifting cards to their local cancer centres to be given to those battling cancer. Cards can be handmade, or store brought, but should contain an uplifting message to help JUMP the SPIRIT of someone who is battling cancer.

The purpose is to bring hope and comfort to many men, women and children with cancer! Not just creating awareness but also having a direct, positive impact on the lives of those that are hurting.

Spirit Jump has set a goal to deliver 100,000 uplifting cards, so if you want to join in and become a Spirit Jumper please either follow the link below to the Spirit Jump Site, or go direct to the Cards 4 Cancer site by using the link at the top of this page! Go on.... lift someones spirit!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sea Maidens - A Work In Progress

It feels great today to get stuck into a client commission after several days of no crafting! The sun is shining, it's a gorgeous day, infact a perfect day to start a new project. This one is for a lady who is getting married later this year and wants Mermaid Name Plaques for her wedding tables.
I've started playing around with some vintage ladies and adding acetate mermaid fins to them to see which work best, as they will be sitting / laying across the top of each name plaque. As it's a family event I will be covering their modesty with tiny little white shells that I acquired sometime ago from various visits to the beach.
Any visible joins, such as fin to body, will be covered with either tiny clear crystals or crushed shell, I haven't yet decided. Also items such as watches (as above) will be disguised using crystal accents. This is still very much in the early stages, but once the plaques are finished I will showcase them here.