Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sweet Shoppe ATC Swap

I belong to a wonderful Flickr group; The Faerie Zine, hosted by the amazing artist Lisa Kettell of Faerie Enchantment. Lisa has recently set an ATC Swap Challenge for the group, entitled "Sweet Shoppe". The remit for this challenge was to create two ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) with a candy / cake theme ie: think: Cupcakes, Tarts, Cookies, Sugar Candies, Confectionery Shops, Cake Cafes etc..., you get the picture!!
Each participant is partnered and it is then up to you to create your ATCs and swap with your partner. I was put with the lovely Mary Ann of Follow Your Bliss Designs. Mary is based in the US so I was really looking forward to a swap with a US based Artist.

My ATCs took on a cupcake theme, see above two images, I used vintage photos, cupcake images sprinkled with sparkles, vintage lace and patterned papers to create my two cards and then I put together a little extra gift for Mary Ann in the form of a collage card (shown in the top photo). This swap has been great fun to create, it was a welcome break from the client orders that I am currently working on. I'm now getting the cards packaged up and ready to post Airmail to Mary Ann tomorrow. I have seen photos of what Mary Ann has created for me, and they are truly scrumptious!!!! I can't wait to receive them.


Anonymous said...

oooh mandy, they are divine! i can't wait to see them IRL! soooo excited to be paired up with you! this was such a fun swap :0)

mine will be mailed later this afternoon...

xoxo mary ann

p.s., thanks for the link to my site. that was so sweet of you!

Michelle said...

So sweet and wonderful!

paperbird said...

these are so sweet- I love the second one with the sweet fairy and the dog with the hat- wonderful colors.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Amanda! I always love to come over and see your work. It is always so inspiring. It was nice to see you came over for a visit. Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have?? I spent 4 years in England and I am so envious when I see pics of your lovely gardens.

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