Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Playing with the PreRaphaelites

As well as having a love for vintage, I also adore Pre Raphaelite art, being a fan of William Holman Hunt, John William Waterhouse, Dante Gabriel Rosetti and Edward Burne-Jones. So in the past I have dabbled in playing around with Pre Raphaelite art and adding wings and flower surrounds to create pretty ATCs, Art Pockets and Mini Collages.Here are some of my old pieces from my archives, every so often I trail through my old files to remind myself of past creations and also gather inspiration to add to new pieces.
Hope you enjoy looking at them! I am currently working on my first Art Book so new creations are coming a little slow at the moment as I concentrate on finishing the book, which hopefully will be within the next month or two. It's a slow process, especially as I am doing it myself without the support of a publisher.
I have lots of new and exciting things in the pipeline, in addition to the book there will be a new jewellery line, some more Tattered & Torn Wall Hangings and new card designs, so do keep returning as I'll be sure to update you as inspiration strikes!


Ann said...

inspiring they are!!
just gorgeous!!!

maria said...

Very beautifull!

Joanna said...

Those Pre-Raphaelite girls look perfect with wings! I've always been a sucker for this art movement too.

You're writing a book?! Wow, clever you! Good luck.