Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive Fun....

I had such a wonderful, festive treat yesterday.... My good friend Sarah (who my regular readers will know, as I refer to her alot), took me to meet her brother at his home village of Winchelsea, approx forty minutes from my own home.  Winchelsea is a beautiful ancient town full of quaint homes, picture postcard streets and a stunning village church.  Our first stop was her brothers amazing home, which was decorated beautifully, above is his front door and below, next to his home is a traditional red phone box, which he had also decorated with a pretty Christmas wreath.
The village Church is breathtaking, particularly inside, the photo's really do not do it justice.  We were invited by Sarah's brother to help with the floral decorations inside the church, and it was our job to create the two displays that will be placed in the entrance lobby as you enter the church.
Quite alot of the displays had already been created inside the main church, they were so gorgeous. It was lovely to be a part of the team creating the Christmas displays inside the Church.
We had a vast array of foliage, flowers and dried fruit to choose from for our display, so we collected what we needed and set about creating.....  It was great fun and very satisfying, especially once we got the finished pieces in the lobby and on display.
Below is my display nestled in a stone windowsill, I used lots of greenery, feathers, pomegranates, small apples and pine cones.
Before lunch we met a friend of Sarah's and her brothers, the talented Children's author and illustrator Ant Parker, and he very kindly showed us around his stunning home (below), which has amazing views from the garden and also an extremely interesting history, as do most of the homes in Winchelsea.
We finished off our day at the Winchelsea Farm Kitchen which is situated at the back of the delicious delicatessen, the food and atmosphere here was second to none, with a tasty Christmas menu, a wonderful end to a truly festive day... Thank you Sarah xx


Incipient Wings said...

How enchanting!!
What a great friend:)

Renee said...

What an beautiful place to visit. I love those red phone boxes. We can barely find a public phone anymore.

Love the flower arrangement you made.

MaygreenFairies said...

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. Mandy x

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful. We don't have anything like it in California (obviously). I would love to visit across the pond some day. Happy New year!