Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations William & Kate!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Baby Card

"New Baby" Card design; Tag around Baby's neck reads "New Baby, Fresh From the Oven!"
It's a different world when a baby arrives;
A wonderful change has come into your lives.
She's a sweet little Mother and you are a Dad;
A change which has altered the plans you have had.
For all the tomorrows that ever you'll know
Will swing round the crib with its pink ribbon bow,
All all that you'll dream of and all the you'll do
Will be for that baby, so red and so new.

It's a different world when the baby is born;
It's not the same place you knew yesterday morn.
That little white crib with its red little mite
That into your lives came on wings of the night
Now stands in the centre of all that you plan,
She's a different wife, you're a different man;
Your thoughts have been changed and your purposes too.
And that baby so helpless has made you anew.

You look at the world in a different way
The moment a baby comes with you to stay;
And life is more wonderful, too, for it seems
To throb with real purposes, visions and dreams.
Henceforth for another your work you will do,
For God has entrusted a baby to you.

You have something to do, and you see it right then,
Your souls have the purpose of women and men.
Your duty no longer is seeking of gold,
You've the life of another to fashion and mould,
And all of us silently alter our lives
For the better the moment a baby arrives.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sew Sumptuous

There's no place like home, There's no place like home!!! Well, not if you own some of Sew Sumptuous's wonderful cushions!! Just take a look at these beauties, made by my good friend Cath. I had the pleasure of helping Cath, owner and founder of Sew Sumptuous, set up her first craft stall at the Bewel Water Garden, Food & Craft Show scheduled to take place over this Easter Weekend.
As you can see from these photos, her stall looked wonderful, it was stacked high with sumptuous creations that Cath had worked hard to create over the last few weeks in readiness for this weekends Fair. Cath makes the most gorgeous home attire in the form of fabulous appliqued cushions, beautiful bunting and stylish bags. Any of her items can be customised, all you need to do is ask and she can create individual and unique pieces just for your home.

Just take a look at the adorable peg bag above, the fabrics used in Cath's creations are just stunning and very unique to Sew Sumptuous.

I adore her fun appliqued cushions above, with slogans such as Love; Sleep; Home and Bed.

Each piece is handmade by Cath at her home Studio in East Sussex, and you can just see the love and attention that goes into each piece.

It was great fun helping set up the stall in the glorious Spring sunshine today, a visit to the Bewel Fair this weekend will be a great trip for all the family especially in this warm weather, just take a look at what's in store for any visitors to the Fair.

For more information on Sew Sumptuous please visit the website and blog, where Cath will make you feel very welcome!

So Proud of my Hubby

My wonderful hubby always puts me to shame, he is so fit and committed to his health whilst I struggle every morning to get on the rowing machine before my day starts. He's up at 5am each morning to leave for work by 5.30am, but every day he manages to go the the Gym and has a session with a personal trainer once a week, at weekends he still doesn't take time out, instead he cycles on Saturday mornings and runs on Sundays, not to mention fitting in lots of exercise with our very lively twin boys. All that hard work is now going to a good cause as he has enrolled himself into a Triathlon on 8th May to raise money for Demelza, a charity that cares for children with life-limiting illnesses or serious medical conditions, as well as support and counselling for families. Well done babe, I love you to bits!!! If anyone would like to support Steve and help raise money for this wonderful charity please visit his Just Giving Page here, or use the link on the left of your screen. Thank you x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Whimsy Mermaid Wedding

You may remember from a post in 2010, an amazing wedding that I was fortunate enough to be involved in. This stunning vintage, whimsical wedding can now be viewed in all it's glory on the Wedding Blog site Rock My Wedding. I created all the mermaid place name settings and table name settings for the wedding breakfast, it was a joy to be asked! I thoroughly enjoyed making each mermaid and working with the bride Sophie. You have to check out her wedding photos they are stunning, and her dress is to die for!!! Thanks again Sophie xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cotton Reel Cuties

Just popping in to show you my Cotton Reel Cuties, spent a couple of hours this morning tinkering at my studio desk and this was the end result! I might make a few more to dot about my stand at the Wealden Fair. Better go, am about to help hubby in the kitchen; Handmade Burgers and home movie night with the kids tonight!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Artful Cushions

All finished!!! My cushion templates from my previous post are now all complete, and I'm thrilled with the finished results. I've now lots more designs in the making, including a Vintage French Corset Image that looks amazing on the cushion front. There are lots of exciting new things to come from Maygreen Fairies in readiness for the up-coming events I'm exhibiting at as well as from talented International Artists; In the lead up to the larger fairs I attend I do source a few select items from contacts I have made overseas, this year at the Wealden Fair I will be offering the Suffragette Dolls once again by the super talented Lenae May as well as Flapper Brooches from Yalipaz and some wonderful new Cushion Covers created on Burlap and decorated with vintage images ie: music sheet papers, vintage birds and flowers, they are so gorgeous and I can't wait to showcase them in June. I have received messages from some of you asking if these new pieces will be available to purchase on my website shop, and the answer is yes... EVENTUALLY!!! But in the meantime if you see anything you like on my blog, just drop me an email and I can always get the item sent out to you. Time is of the essence at the moment and I'm snowed under with creating for the Fairs and unfortunately my website shop does get a little neglected at these times.
I'm in the throws of finishing off some new Lavender Sachets and also creating new Whimsical Magnets, which I will give you a sneek peek of soon. I'm so busy at the moment I really don't know where to turn next, I am also currently in the process of writing and producing a Maygreen Fairies Book, giving basic step by step instructions on how to make several whimsical products in the Maygreen Fairies Style, more on this exciting venture soon.
But back to the cushions!!! These particular cushions are for decorative purposes only and cannot be washed. Each cushion is labelled on the back with a vintage style postcard label (shown above) and all are stuffed with soft fibre filling. They look super in a vintage style setting, or shabby chic home, I'm so taken with them I'm going to be making some just for me! Back soon!!