Monday, 20 February 2012

New CHEEKY Card Range for Men

Introducing my new "Undress Me" Card Range for the man in your life!!  I have often been asked if I could design a greetings card for a male, as most of my designs appeal to females.  So whilst laying in bed one morning this idea came to me and even though it was 6am I just had to get up and start playing around with my idea.  So here's how it works.... the recipient of the card will receive the little lady dressed (shown below), he is then invited to undress her, all he needs to do is pull the ribbon at her waist to reveal her cheeky outfit underneath with the Birthday Badge saying "Happy Birthday".
Of course, I can design the Badge to have any saying on it you would like, or no badge at all!!
So far I have created four different designs, but there will be more to follow.  If you want to check them out please visit my Shop and the Greetings Card section.
Please spread the word and share my new designs with your friends and family, I think these are really cute and different cards for men and hope to get the word out there, so if you can share this post that would be lovely... THANK YOU!

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