Friday, 11 April 2014

On The Road

I do so enjoy taking Maygreen Fairies on the road... Over the past few years I have attended many Fairs and Shows, from The Wealden Times Mid-Summer and Mid-Winter Fairs, to local Vintage Fairs such as Pop Up Vintage in Hassocks, Penshurst Vintage Fair, The Fairy Tale Fair and of course the Kitsch and Stitch Fairs, as well as the fabulous Selvedge Fair in Chelsea, London.
There are so many aspects I love when exhibiting at the Shows, the wonderful new friends you meet and make through fellow exhibitors, you all end up feeling like one big family, especially during the Fairs that take place over several days.  Arriving at the event, when nothing has been set up and then watching the stands grow around you turning an empty hall into a treasure trove of loveliness, is a joy to see.
As the customers start to arrive it is always wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new alike. I love hearing the comments people make about my creations, especially when they find the humour in some of my pieces.  And I love to people watch!!  I have had some very colourful customers peruse my work in the past, just look at this lovely lady below....
I have recently just finished two local Fairs and am not due to attend any others until later this year, but please return when you can to find out where Maygreen Fairies will be in the future, or sign up to follow my Facebook page for updates.
If you are a Fair / Event organiser and would be interested in having Maygreen Fairies at your Event please drop me an email, I would love to hear from you.

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