Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My New Retail Product Line - The Sicklehatch Faeries

I am very excited to announce my new Licensed Product Range; The Sicklehatch Faeries,  Sicklehatch is a small shaded lane in deepest East Sussex where a group of faeries still exist. They play, they help, and occasionally they create mischief. But mostly they help, especially when they're looked after.
The Faeries are Sominium the Dream Faery, Caluna the Lucky Faery, Celo the Secret Faery and Felice the Happy Faery.  The Products consist of  Dream Pillows presented in a gift box and scented with Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint or Rose, Metal Garden Stakes, Notebooks, Captured Faerys, Wish Tins & Glass Hanging Jars.
Garden Stakes

Wish Tins complete with notelets and a cutout Faery

 Glass Hanging Jars, perfect outdoors or in with tea lights or a small posy of flowers

Notebooks with a pretty faery cutout page marker

 Dream Pillows scented with either Lavender, Peppermint, Rose or Vanilla
All products are now available for sale on my website here or if you are a Retailer and interested in Wholesale details please email me!

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Flutter Before You said...

I love your little faeries! What a charming collection of sweetness :) I can picture them dancing merrily to candlelight, as they hang from a tree branch at twilight. Adorable!