Friday, 7 October 2011

The Knitting and Stitching Show

Yesterday my friends and I hotfooted it up to Alexandra Palace in London, where this beautiful Art Deco Building played host to the fabulous Knitting & Stitching Show.  It is an amazing event packed to the brim with Artists, Crafters and Vendors, so if you love any kind of textile craft, knitting, embroidery etc.. this is the event for you.
It was a busy Show with a wide audience, but the venue is so big you didn't feel squashed or battered about as you made your way around each vendor, it was quite calm and civilised... thankfully!
There were lots of varied things to see including Exhibitions of work, the main exhibition this year was that of the Embroiderer Beryl Dean.  Beryl was one of the major figures of twentieth century embroidery, and her innovative use of materials and techniques inspired her contemporaries and informed the making of a generation of embroiderers.  The exhibition of her works were stunning, from small embroidered panels of flowers to Ballet Costumes and ecclesiastical pieces.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph this exhibition, but she is well worth looking up on the internet as her work is fascinating.
There was lots of other smaller Exhibits, including original 1920 fabric designs for dress prints, many drawn or painted on tracing paper as well as more up to date pieces, like that of the amazingly talented Mary Cozens Walker, again not allowed to photograph these works but do check out her website her pieces of work are just wonderful.
There was also some interesting mixed media art on display, like these unusual pieces, from a new designer, they were made from paper machie and thread, and were all displayed on what looked like a piece of tree bark.... fascinating!
 All around you was so much inspiration, even the vendors and visitors attire was a feast for the eyes!
Shopping at the Show was a real treat, the vast array of fabrics available was breathtaking, I must say I purchased a few glorious fat quarters for upcoming projects, and the buttons.... ohh so many wonderful buttons from vintage to new, mother of pearl to ceramic, something for every button floozie out there!!  And one of my favourite vendors, the Selvedge Stand, packed full of tempting goods from crocheted scarves and necklaces to fabric birdhouses and cages.
And then of course came the highlight of my day... meeting the super talented Frances Pickering, getting to talk to her up close and personal and see her creating right in front of my eyes.  Her work is so beautiful and inspires you to get home and just create! lol!
She was so lovely posing for photo's and very happy to let you hold and look closely at some of her previous works, photograph them and ask her as many questions about her work as you wish.
I currently have her first book, Page After Page, Making Individual Books & Journals, which is packed with beautiful photos of her work, with lots of tips and ideas, her second book is due out next year.  Check out her website here!

So after several hours of scouring every inch of the show we made our way back home to peruse over our purchases and reflect on a super day!

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gayle said...

Thanks for sharing! Love having a sneak peek at craft shows!