Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Luxurious Skincare Range with a Vintage Look!

I am very proud and excited to unveil the label designs I created for a range of Aromatherapy Skin Care Products.  The designs have been a few months in the making as the product range continues to grow, but it was wonderful for me to finally see the products on display at the Wealden Fair last week.
The talented designer of the products themselves; Anna Banks, first met with me at the Christmas Wealden Fair last November, here we spoke about the possibility of me creating the labels for her products in a vintage style, and now here they are in all their glory.  The vintage design of the labels is complimented beautifully by the stunning bottles that hold the products, Anna spent alot of time sourcing just the right bottles for her range, and I think they are absolutely stunning.
I have been lucky enough to sample some of Anna's Product Range, in particular the Facial Aromatherapy Oils, Flower Waters and Foot Creams and I'm hooked... infact, Anna, if you read this post I need to purchase some more!!
Currently the product range includes Facial Oils, with essential oil ingredients such as Patchouli, Neroli, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood and Damask Rose.  The gorgeous Flower Waters are available in Rose, Rose & Orange, Rose & Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Lavender, Pure Organic Orange and Pure Organic Lavender.  There is also a very special Flower Water in the form of Manuka Honey, which has healing properties.

The fabulous Foot Creams are a real treat with ingredients of Patchouli & Lavender, Frankincense & Myrrh with Sandalwood, Rosemary, Lemon & Lavender, Chamomile & Mandarin, Mint Leaf & Lavender, and Manuka Honey.  More products will be added to the range to include Face Masks and Hand Creams.  Currently Anna sells her range through the Violetta Boutique in Rye.  If you would like more information on her products please do not hesitate to contact me and I will put you in touch with Anna.

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Ilikevegetables said...

The labels are beautiful. I love the sound of all the ingredients in the products. I'm a big fan of manuka honey. I wish I was nearer to try some xx